Legal Support Services

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Court Reporting

  • Depositions and Arbitration
  • Private and Civil Trials
  • Examinations under Oath
  • Digital Transcriptions
  • Motions and Hearings


Legal Videography

  • Digital video files in multiple formats
  • Synched video file with transcript text
  • Mock deposition video


Certified Interpreting

  • Multi-Language Depositions
  • Document Translations


Global Scheduling

  • NNRC Members
  • Conference Rooms
  • Scheduling Via Phone
  • Scheduling Via Email

Additional Services

To order and schedule additional services please use the order form for scheduling a deposition
or Contact us via email with your question(s) or request(s) at

Realtime Reporting – Local and Internet
Local Realtime
Wireless Instant display of testimony on iPad, laptop or tablet during proceeding
No hardware or software needed – Ludwig Klein reporter supplies viewing device(s)
Ordering counsel can mark and/or annotate realtime testimony
Internet Realtime
View display of testimony live from anywhere in the world via laptop, computer or mobile device
Party viewing display remotely uses their laptop, computer or other mobile device
Ludwig Klein provides website link and log-in credentials to view realtime testimony

Why order Local or Internet Realtime at your next Deposition with Ludwig Klein?
> Verify testimony of witness during deposition – opportunity to clarify if not clear <
> Allow client or expert to view testimony and offer input during proceedings <
> Mark and annotate critical areas of testimony in realtime for follow-up, etc.<
> Review realtime testimony at breaks and lunch <
> Realtime rough draft provided next business day for review <

***Both Local and Internet Realtime require a special order when scheduling a deposition;
extra charge for realtime includes emailed realtime draft and/or saved realtime file with attorney annotations
***Local Realtime is also available for court proceedings for attorneys and/or Judge

Video/Audio Streaming – Watch and Listen Remotely to Proceeding
Parties can view proceedings from remote location using PC, laptop, iPad, iPhone or Droid device

Mobile Videoconference Services
Appear and participate in a deposition from your office using PC, laptop, iPad, iPhone or Droid device

Rough Drafts
Edited rough drafts delivered within 24 hours after proceeding

Electronic Transcripts and Exhibits
Get the files you need in the format you want

Online Document/Transcript/Exhibit Repository
24/7 access to ordered transcripts/exhibits

Email Delivery of Transcripts/Exhibits on Short Notice

Extended Hours: 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 P.M. PST Monday through Friday 24/7

Access to Depo/Video Calendar via PC and/or Mobile Device
Verify Proceeding and Services Needed are Calendared

Conference Rooms
Video and Teleconference equipped