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Ludwig Klein Conference Rooms

We provide complimentary conference rooms* at our office and at our partner offices worldwide through the National Network Reporting Company (NNRC) with WI-fi; beverages and snacks; conference phone and Video-conference capability.

Please view the slideshow images below to see a variety of our conference room options and features.

We will also schedule a conference room wherever you need it Рemail for more details Рwe are experts at arranging reasonably priced rooms throughout the country.

*Conference room complimentary for all proceedings where court reporter is ordered

Ludwig Klein Conference Room Amenities Include:

  • Videoconference screens and equipment
  • Private Observation Room
  • Large Meeting room for Trials, Arbitrations, Mock Trials and Juries; Seminars, Focus Groups
  • Recording Capabilities
  • State of the Art Presentation equipment and Screen
  • Professional Conference phones
  • Beverages and snacks
  • Breakfast/Lunch service available
  • After-hours Availability


Ludwig Klein Conference Room Images

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